Hive Diaries – November Update

A different style of Cozy Angry bees The entrance on this hive had to be switched. These bees were not very happy. It was cold outside- only a bit above freezing. Bee cart This yard cart is the best for the bee yard. It is a great way to keep everything organized. It can even […]

Hive Diaries: September Edition Part 2

Helpers in the bee yard Recently, I’ve had several visitors to the bee yard. I love being able to introduce others to the joys of beekeeping! Visitors Enjoying a great first time in the bee yard!

Hive Diaries: September Edition Part 1

Queen This is a recent queen that I found. Another queen This queen is my best queen. She is from 2022. Yellow was the colour to mark queens in 2022. Angry bees Today After harvesting honey. This is the strongest hive. They were not very happy! Queen cell I tried to split hives late in […]

Hiking Heaven: Exploring PEI’s Scenic Trails Near Humble Pie Cottage

Welcome to the island of natural wonders, Prince Edward Island, where enchanting landscapes and breathtaking trails await your exploration. Nestled in the serene Long Creek area, Humble Pie Cottage provides the perfect gateway to the island’s hiking paradise. In this guide, we’ll unveil ten of the best hiking trails near Humble Pie Cottage, showcasing the […]

Exploring PEI in September: Top 10 Activities for Your Fall Getaway

Welcome to our guide for a delightful September getaway on Prince Edward Island (PEI). As summer winds down, the island offers a quieter, yet equally enchanting, experience for travelers. In this blog post, we’ll share the top 10 activities to enjoy during PEI’s shoulder season. From local markets to coastal trails, this guide will help […]

Hive Diaries: August Edition

Capped honey This is what the honey looks like when the bees have it ready for storage. The white area at the top. The lower part of the photo has nectar which is still being transformed into honey. Frame Here is a typical food frame. Nectar which the bees are turning into honey Brood Comb […]

Hive Diaries July edition Part-2

Bees on the box This is a view looking into the top of the hive. This is a very strong hive! Frame This is a good frame with nectar, pollen and honey being stored for future use. Bees on frame Bees on frame- less crowded Bees at the front entrance Bees on top of the […]

Hive Diaries July edition Part-1

Wild Roses Wild Roses Are Great for honey bees. Cultivated roses are not. The flowers are too deep for the bed to get into. Micah and Frankie The grass is getting Long in the Fields behind the cottage!! Rise with bee on it Woohoo!! Lupines Hive next to wild rose bush Clover

Exploring PEI: Top 10 Activities for Your Island Adventure

Welcome to Humble Pie Cottage, a cozy cottage accommodation nestled in the heart of Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada. Whether you’re seeking tranquility or thrilling adventures, PEI offers a range of activities to make your visit truly unforgettable. In this post, we’ll guide you through the top 10 activities, allowing you to immerse yourself in […]


These photos are of me checking and noticing that the bees were bearding. That is what it’s called when the bees try to stay cool on the outside of the hive when it’s too hot for them outside. I had to smoke the hive entrances to get them to go back inside. Then I closed […]

Unveiling Beekeeping: Exploring Nature’s Wonders

Beekeeping is a cool hobby that lets me connect with nature. When I put on my beekeeping gear and check on the hive, I see how busy the bees are. They have different jobs, like taking care of the baby bees and collecting nectar and pollen. It’s fascinating to watch them work together. Beekeeping has […]