Hive Diaries July edition Part-2

Bees on the box
This is a view looking into the top of the hive. This is a very strong hive!
This is a good frame with nectar, pollen and honey being stored for future use.
Bees on frame
Bees on frame- less crowded
Bees at the front entrance
Bees on top of the queen excluders
Overheated beekeeper after 5 hours of inspecting in the heat
Bees bearding
When it gets too hot in the give the bees beard On the front of the hive. If you watch carefully they are fanning with their wings to help cool the inside of the hives. This picture was taken in the evening after a 30 degree plus day.
Mite wash
One of the complicated things to deal with as a beekeeper are Varroa mites. Varroa mites if there are too many will weaken a colony and eventually destroy it. I did alcohol washes on all of my hives on the weekend. I’m happy to report that I only found 1 mite in 8 hives. That is great! Hopefully it’s not just my technique!!
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