Hive Diaries: August Edition

Capped honey
This is what the honey looks like when the bees have it ready for storage. The white area at the top. The lower part of the photo has nectar which is still being transformed into honey.
Here is a typical food frame. Nectar which the bees are turning into honey
Brood Comb
Here is a great section of brood comb. This hive will have a lot of new bees in the next week!!
Brood in all stages
Here is a section of frame showing brood in all stages. The capped cells were cut off on the edges of the photo.
Honey vs brood
Here you Can see the difference between honey comb- bottom left and brood comb-bottom.

These are the latest apiary photos. The takes hives Are shoulder height. Not looking forward to lifting those boxes when they are full of honey!!

I’m starting to see a lot of goldenrod in the fields. Woohoo!
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