Hive Diaries – November Update

A different style of Cozy
Angry bees
The entrance on this hive had to be switched. These bees were not very happy. It was cold outside- only a bit above freezing.
Bee cart
This yard cart is the best for the bee yard. It is a great way to keep everything organized. It can even handle the weight of small hives if they need to be moved from place to place!!
Close angry bees
Close up

On the top of the hives is fondant. It contains food for the bees for the colder months.
If you look closely you can see bees taking the fondant.

Front entrance
Bees continue to die throughout the winter. Worker bees will remove the dead bees from the hives and just leave them in the front entrance.
Empty stands
Beekeeping is not easy. 2 strands of hives that didn’t make it to winter sit empty.
Sometimes I’ll use bricks on top of the hives to show something needs to be monitored. This hive is not very heavy. That means not enough bees or food for them. Not great when winter hasn’t officially started yet!!
Sue‘s spot
Ready for winter
Bees stay in their hives during the winter. Each colony forms a cluster. The bees keep moving around each other to stay warm. The bee hives are reduced to their smallest size and wrapped in Cozys. Voles also like the cozy environment in the hives. Screen is placed in front of the entrance so only one bee can fit through at a time. The voles need to find somewhere else to stay warm!!
Mouse guard
A close up of a mouse guards in place at the hive entrance.
Lost bee
This worker can no longer find the smaller entrance. She will!
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